Morphing Cube original

Lose yourself in another dimension of play and find out loads of new shapes to impress your audience!

Morphing Cube is an innovative flow and dance prop designed by Swiss flowartist Thomas Foyk.
Now finally we feel like it's time to release this piece of geometric art! It's also a helpful tool for schools to explain how geometric works.

The original morphing cube is made with a specially designed corner system so it can stand by itself. Like this it offers more opportunities for stage setup, decoration and more theatrical play.


Cubes are available in white UV-reactive tubes made of a special kind of plastic.

Right now we have these sizes in stock: 

60cm =23.6in

90cm  =35.4in

100cm =39.4in

110cm =43.3in

120cm = 47.2in 

130cm = 51.18in


Weight is around 2.1kg (110cm)


The corners are available in black and white (non UV reactive at that point)

Please write as a comment in your order which color you would like.


We do recommend a size between hip and navel height. Our conclusion so far is: 

Smaller is easier to manipulate and more stable when it's standing on its own, bigger has a stronger appearance on stage. 

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or would like to order a special length or if you’re interested in buying a cheaper version that doesn’t stand on its own but still works for most shapes and tricks.

Morphing Cube
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